Trip Ideas by Age: College Age & Adult

America’s Great Living History Museums and Experiences

Living history breathes excitement into textbook studies. At…
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What to Know When You Share a Vacation Rental

It looked so good on paper — a week in a Caribbean villa with…
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Dream Trips: African Safaris in Kenya and Zambia

All of us need to dream now, and planning a bucket-list trip…

Best Caribbean Islands for Family Vacations: Which One to Choose

Not all Caribbean islands are the same. Yes, you can water ski, parasail, and sunbathe almost anywhere there, but islands come in different flavors, and some shine in specific areas. Some dazzle with palm-tree lined beaches, some are ideal for snorkelers and divers, and others are set apart by hiking paths through rainforest. Use our shorthand guide to pick the best Caribbean island for a family vacation.
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Explore Croatia on a Cruise

Videos of waterfalls, woodlands and glistening lakes in Croatia's national parks filled the large screen, the landscape serving as background to master Croatian cellist Ana Rucner, who performed live in front of the tableaux. When she launched into an allegro movement of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons," her bow dancing across the strings, the video flashed to a fiddler in a mountain village playing the same piece, his movements mirroring hers.
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Best resorts for families in the Caribbean and the Bahamas

A family vacation can be a household’s most-anticipated event of the year. But it’s easy to make planning mistakes. The key is finding a place with flexibility. The right resort for your family changes with your children’s ages and your budget.
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Bonaire Island Off the Coast of VenezuelaPhysician's Money Digest

Caribbean Getaways: Bonaire Island Off the Coast of Venezuela

Bonaire is a diver's and snorkeler’s paradise. The island has…
A lone cypress tree stands in a pond of lilypads in the Okefenokee swamp at sunset.Dentist's Money Digest

Wildlife Adventures: Explore the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

The Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia covers 438,000 acres and within…
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Caribbean Cruise “Escape” Covers Food, Fun, and Family

The Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Escape surprised us: for the…
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Plan Ahead: Book Resort State Parks Now for Spring and Summer

Now is the time to plan ahead for spring and summer vacations…