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Paris at sunset

13 Best Things to Do in Paris with Kids

With kids and teens in tow, Paris sparkles. Find masterpieces…

Happy Trails! 8 Great Hikes for Families – from Day Trips to Overnight Treks

Taking a family hike is a fun and rejuvenating way to immerse…
Nine Quarter Circle Ranch

8 Great Dude Ranches and Guest Ranches in the U.S. and Canada

Vacations don’t get more all-American (or all-Canadian) than…

9 Great Biking Trails and Tours For Families in the USA

Cycling feels good. The essence of a bike trip is capturing…
Kathy Valentine

7 Great Family Vacation Tour Companies

Planning a successful family vacation is work—but not if you let a packager do the work for you. Buying a vacation through a tour operator frees you from the tedious details of deciding where to stay, what to eat, when to visit each attraction, and how to get to each place.

Not All Kid’s Car Seats Are Approved for Airplanes: Know the Rules

Don't assume that you can automatically use your child's car…

How Families Can Sit Together on Airplanes

Paid seat reservations have turned airline cabins into competitive…

Books, Games, Apps, and Activities to Get Kids Excited About Travel

Here are some toys, books, apps, and activities that harness children's innate curiosity about the world, preparing them not only for specific vacations but also instilling a spirit of exploration that will bring a lifetime of joy.

Best resorts for families in the Caribbean and the Bahamas

A family vacation can be a household’s most-anticipated event of the year. But it’s easy to make planning mistakes. The key is finding a place with flexibility. The right resort for your family changes with your children’s ages and your budget.
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Best Multigenerational Trips: Family-Friendly Vacation Ideas

Multigenerational trips are a rising travel trend, and that makes…