Ski Vacations with Kids in the U.S. and Canada

By Candyce H. Stapen, Prima Publishing, 1997

A seasoned family vacation planner and skier, Stapen covers all the “ins” and “outs” of planning a ski vacation with kids. A noted family travel expert, she includes everything from the most family-friendly ski resorts, to helpful and informative websites. Readers will also find information on family bargains, off-the-slopes family fun, how to assess ski and snowboard programs, and a guide to clothing, gear, and equipment.

“Candyce Stapen approaches skiing in all its forms – downhill, cross country, and snowboarding – with her critical eye as both a travel expert and parent. For every family who loves to ski and any family willing to try, this well-organized guide is packed with details about how to squeeze the most fun out of your dollar. Stapen’s enthusiasm and common sense inspires families to get out on the slopes and share great times together.” – FamilyFun magazine

Ski Vacations with Kids is right on target with information and advice. Candyce Stapen knows that it takes planning for a smooth skiing trip. This book is easy for families to follow in choosing a ski destination where teens, toddlers, and parents will all have fun on and off the slopes.” – The Washington Times

Ski Vacations with Kids is the equivalent of ski school for the vacation planner in the family, providing detailed information that permits confident decisions. This book is both witty and informative, appealing to all levels of skiers, from never-evers to black-diamond experts. Stapen reminds us just how much fun skiing can be.” – Vacations magazine

“Candyce Stapen is an expert on vacationing with the family. She knows what to look for and this is why her book is such a valuable resource to skiing families…Stapen’s candid write-ups will give parents an edge when it comes to deciding where to book their next trip.” – Snow Country

“Whether your family whizzes down the steepest mountains or merely tackles the bunny slopes, this informative guide will make your vacation planning a lot easier. Organized by region, it includes details on more than 75 family-friendly places to ski and snowboard. Plus, get tips on everything from buying equipment to choosing ski instructors.” – USA Today