Great Family Vacations Series

By Candyce H. Stapen, Globe Pequot, 12 editions, 1993-2001

Family-travel expert Candyce H. Stapen has taken the hassle out of vacation planning with these guides. Inside each edition you’ll find 25 complete vacations loaded with enough activities to keep every member of your family happy for weeks.

Whether you’re looking for museums and historic sites, thrill-a-minute amusement parks, animal attractions, natural wonders and the great outdoors, sporting events, or a healthy dose of all the above and more, here’s everything you need to make your next family vacation a great family vacation.

“Stapen is a respected travel writer who has done some awfully good books on family travel. They’re well-researched, very well done.” – USA Today

“[A guide] to unusual family getaways, with insights into making the trip a happy one…A mix of country outings…city tours…history lessons…and just plain fun.” – The Washington Post

“The Great Family Vacations series is an inspiration to parents in search of worthy destinations. Stapen is an eminently practical parent and travel expert, down to the fine details. Perhaps even more important, she understands that exploring new places is a thrill that brings families closer together.” – FamilyFun magazine

“We found enough useful information to give these guides an A. Each section offers at-a-glance info and a What to See and Do section that includes everything from hot-air balloon rides to zoos, sports, theaters and shopping.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Whether you’re traveling with a toddler or a teenager, away for a weekend or a week, Great Family Vacations is chock full of activities, accommodations, and advance planning trips to ensure a fun time for all.” – Family Travel Times

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