Italy With Teens: 8 Best Things to See & Do

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Italy mesmerizes teens with its mix of ancient historical sites, dazzling art, beaches, and buzzing piazzas. There’s no better place to explore as a family.

Settle into the laid-back Mediterranean life by strolling streets and squares dotted with eateries proffering rainbow-colored gelato and some of the world’s best pizza. Spend time browsing cobbled streets for glass jewelry, leather bags and belts, vintage finds, and other memorable take-home treasures.

Most importantly, take in some of Italy’s magnificent cultural sites, whether you want to learn more about the tragedy of Pompeii, set eyes on Michelangelo’s David, or gaze at the shimmering mosaics inside Venice’s Basilica di San Marco.

Here are eight of the best things to do in Italy with teens.