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Hiking Tours: From Krakow to Budapest

We knew we were in trouble at the first night’s wine and cheese gettogether in Krakow. That’s when several of our fellow foot soldiers on our Butterfield & Robinson walking tour reminisced about their treks in Nepal. “Nepal?” I whispered hoarsely to David, my husband. “We’re doomed.” Trails that come with steep peaks, trekking gear,… Read More

Family Travel: Off-the-Beaten Path Caribbean

For centuries sailors have headed toward St. Vincent and its sister islands, the Grenadines, a 45-mile archipelago lying between Grenada and St. Lucia. Legend has it that the buccaneers of long ago buried their booty in the lush hills and rock strewn caves; savvy yachtsmen still seek treasured sanctuary in these islands’ sequestered coves. St…. Read More

Top Family Attractions: Puerto Rico

San Juan grew out from a colonial center whose awe-inspiring churches and forts still stand amidst a packed collection of shops and hotels. The ocean views from the many beaches draping the island, however, are timeless. Daytrips from the city allow visitors to explore the island’s caves, beaches, rainforests, and many other natural wonders. Vieques… Read More

Top Family Attractions: Bermuda

With clean streets, pink-sand beaches, a touch of British élan, and more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world, Bermuda offers a high-style vacation with lots to see and do. Destination highlights The waters of Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach Try the helmet diving—it’s divine Hikes along the Bermuda Railway Trail… Read More

New Zealand Adventures

This year for our family vacation we wanted a dollar-stretcher destination in a country that likes Americans, blooms with spectacular scenery, offers eco-adventures not available in the U.S, but bundles these with comfortable lodging and good food. Because the Euro shrinks our greenbacks to a mere 77 cents, we cut the Continent from our list…. Read More