A New Way to Stick to Your Exercise Routine While Traveling


Expedia, the online travel site, recently launched Fitness Breaks, custom itineraries crafted by “travel influencers” that combine sightseeing and calorie burning.

Exercising when traveling is either a must-do or an are-you-kidding part of a visitor’s agenda. To help those wanting to maintain their calorie-burning routines, Expedia, the online travel site, recently launched Fitness Breaks, custom itineraries crafted by “travel influencers” that combine sightseeing and calorie burning.A significant number of travelers exercise when traveling, according to Expedia.com’s 2017 Fitness Breaks Study. The survey, in conjunction with Google Consumer Surveys, queried a total of 7,000 residents in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, asking how they incorporate exercise into their travels.

Australians came in as the most exercise conscious with 55 percent of respondents saying that it is “very or somewhat important” to exercise while traveling. Americans ranked second with 53 percent, and Canadians were third with 51 percent. The most exercise averse were the French with 23 percent of respondents stating they refused to work out when traveling. Only 10 percent of Americans said they don’t exercise when traveling.

Why and How to Exercise When Traveling

Among exercisers globally, 22 percent of respondents cited the need to work out to balance their indulgence in food. Travel fitness activities also created authentic experiences when traveling. Some 16 percent of French respondents and 13 percent of Australians exercise because it allows them to “see new areas of the destination.”

Walking ranked as the most popular exercise, a finding shared by 47 percent of all respondents who incorporate exercise into their travels. Some 56 percent of Australians, nearly 56 percent of the British and 53 percent of Canadians go for exploratory walks on their own. About 34 percent of the French respondents who exercise take guided walks or long runs while 28 percent of Germans were most likely to go for a bike ride.

Expedia’s Fitness Breaks

Expedia’s Fitness Breaks’ routes and routines may be obvious to city-wise travelers or informative to those new to a destination. Some suggestions enable travelers to get in exercise while being outdoors for a few hours; other itineraries occupy the entire day. Expedia’s Fitness Breaks’ website also features healthy places to eat in each destination. Here are some examples:

Washington, D.C.: Run a 5-mile loop of the National Mall that takes you past the Lincoln, Korean War, WWII and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorials, and the Washington Monument.

Toronto: Go for a run along the waterfront, take a fitness class at Surfset Toronto, browse boutiques and end with yoga.

London: Take a 5KM run through St. James Park, passing Buckingham Palace, Parliament and Trafalgar Square.

Barcelona: Run along Las Ramblas, meditate on the beach before doing stand-up yoga on a surfboard followed by a bicycle tour and late lunch.