5 Adventurous Guys’ Getaways

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Getaways for guys are getting bolder. As more men seek vacations with friends that go beyond scoring birdies or drinking goodbye to bachelorhood, more travel companies are marketing active “mancations” and “bro-cations.” Unlike traditional buddy trips, the newer versions foster bonding through shared challenges. Pals face adventures that put them in new situations, pushing them out of their comfort zones. The trips might involve roughing it or feature daytime tasks followed by evening rewards of cushy accommodations and good food. The adventures below are some of the many options that work well for guys’ getaways. Each of the companies featured can tailor trips for men only or fill a planned departure with your own posse. In addition, the outfitters offer scheduled and custom trips that welcome women, couples and singles too.

5 Adventure Bro-Cations

Silk Road Mosque

Drive the Silk Road
Create your own caravan of Land Rovers as you and your buddies drive part of the legendary Silk Road in Turkey and Uzbekistan. Along the way, visit traditional villages, admire blue-tiled mosques and browse bazaar stalls of spices and hand-woven carpets. MIR Corp. takes care of the logistics, booking accommodations, crafting itineraries, and handling any necessary paperwork. The company also customizes overland expeditions to Mongolia, Russia and other destinations.

Greenland Glacier

Explore Greenland’s Glaciers
In Greenland view calving glaciers, hike to waterfalls and hot springs, trek the Greenland ice sheet, and go dogsledding. Watch for whales, caribou, and musk and maybe catch sight of the Northern Lights. Big Chill Adventures also offers trips in Iceland and the Canadian Rockies.

Bike and Brew Tour Belgium

Go on a Bike and Brew Tour of Belgium
Tiny Belgium brews more than 1,130 different beers. As you cycle the countryside seeing the sites, pause for pints at boutique breweries. Down Trappist ales, abbey beers, as well as Stella Artois and other lagers. Contact Ciclismo Classico.

Inner Cowboy

Let Your Inner Cowboy Loose
Ever since the movie “City Slickers,” it’s been okay to admit that you always wanted to be a cowboy. At the 25,000-acre Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, WY, whoop it up as a wrangler by horseback riding across the scenic plains and rounding up cattle. You can also fly fish and go on hikes.

Fish in the Russian Wilderness
Catch wild Atlantic salmon in Russia’s Ponoi River, a region known for its abundant fish. You reach Ryabaga Camp located above the Arctic Circle on the Kola Peninsula after a two hour helicopter flight across the Russian tundra. Each cabin has a private bathroom, Wi-Fi is available, and a cook prepares your meals. Frontiers Travel takes care of required visas and transportation.